Robotics Club

The Robotics & Engineering club of Woodlawn High School

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Advisor: Mr. Otto ~ [email protected]

Mission Statement:  

The Woodlawn Robotics & Engineering Club is an extracurricular Engineering Design Club.  The purpose of to design and build a robot to complete the VEX robotics Challenge in competition Woodlawn Robotics & Engineering Club is to serve as an ambassador of Woodlawn, to model a positive image, and to promote spirit at athletic and charity events.  In addition, this performance based club will provide members with a successful and meaningful educational experience.


  • To provide team members with the opportunity to enhance their Robotics & Engineering technique / skills

  • To provide a quality team experience in order to facilitate the development of usable, transferable life skills

  • To offer team members the opportunity to experience the commitment necessary to maintain a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle

  • To offer team members the experience of serving their community so as to enhance their understanding of good citizenship


In order to participate in the Robotics & Engineering Club, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Pass the audition process and fill out the Robotics Evalulation
  • Maintain a 2.0 (C or better gpa)
  • The candidates will be observed throughout the audition process for cooperation, effort, attitude, and potential.