Monitor Grades

Monitor Grades

To monitor student progress during the quarter, you can review all coursework and scores on Schoology.  Here, you will see all the classes your student is in. You can monitor grades, review work completion, and message teachers. If you do not have a parent account, you can also log in with your student's username and password.

Click here for how to check student grades in Schoology

It's important to monitor progress during the quarter to make sure your student is successful prior to the close of each quarter!

2023-2024 Marking Period Dates:
Quarter 1: 8/28/23 - 11/03/23
Quarter 2: 11/06/23 - 01/19/24
Quarter 3: 01/22/24 - 04/5/24
Quarter 4: 04/8/24 - 06/14/24
Last Day for Seniors: 05/24/24

Click here for details on monitoring student activity from a parent account

For details on grading policies, see the BCPS Grading Manual