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Woodlawn High School Tutoring Services

Student Program Coordinator: Sean Marshall

Mission Statement

The Woodlawn High School Tutoring Center is committed to contributing to student success in a professional environment through one-on-one and group instruction that reinforces necessary course level concepts.

Message from the Coordinator

More information about tutoring services will be provided during the 2024-2025 school year.

Heart of Our Tutors

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Invested Positive

We are committed to our clients' learning at every point of the tutoring process.

We demonstrate a positive and engaging attitude in every moment of the tutoring process to leave a positive impact on our clients.

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Active Listeners Approachable

We establish a mutual relationship with our clients, which shows that an investment has been made into the conversation with sincere interest and commitment.

We demonstrate seriousness and dedication to the practice by being fully available and engaged with our clients.

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Constructive Trustworthy

We relay authentic feedback that is constructive to our clients. We avoid sugar coating feedback and giving vague and redundant feedback so we can actually see growth in our clients.

We are honest, transparent, and reliable. Our clients are able to have honest conversations with us with a sense of trust and confidentiality.