Library Mission





The mission of WHS Library is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for students, teachers and community members while fostering a love of reading.

The library will continually strive to encourage the pursuit of personal interests through reading and research, to support student achievement, to foster a natural curiosity about the world around them, to empower students to become ethical users of information, to provide up-to-date resources in a variety of formats, to foster academic integrity and to promote academic excellence and literacy.

Diversity Statement

WHS Library is committed to:
  • ensuring that all new print and eBooks will be authentically inclusive.

  • recommending and displaying books that are inclusive of a diverse range of characters.

  • promoting and attending events and training opportunities and discussions around the areas of inclusion and diversity to motivate, educate and inspire.

  •  seeking advice to ensure that diverse characters are authentic.

  • conducting regular audits of books to assess inclusion and diversity.

  • assuring that books and book events are accessible to the entire school community.