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Welcome to the Woodlawn Parent University! (August 2020)

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Parents: Want to stay in the loop with your student(s)??? 
Use the resources below! 

1.    How do I get started and logged in to BCPS One?

BCPS One Account

2.    How do I link my student(s) Schoology to my parent Schoology account?

Schoology: Link Student(s)

3.    What do the icons mean on Schoology? 

Schoology: Icons

4.    How do I check my student(s) grades on Schoology? 

Schoology: Grades

5.    How do can I contact and communicate with my student’s teachers and the staff at WHS?

Contact WHS Staff

6.    How do I set up my Schoology email and text notifications?

Schoology: Notifications

7.    How do I use Schoology on my phone

Schoology: Mobile App

8.    How do I navigate the Student Information tab on BCPS One home page

Update Student Info

9.    BCPS Parent U

BCPS Parent University

10.  Does my Student(s) have a BCPS One Account?

Student Accounts

11.  How do I use my home internet access on BCPS devices??

Home Internet 

12.  How do I use Google Meet?

Google Meet