Phys. Ed. Dept.

Woodlawn High School



The Physical Education & Health department would like to welcome you again to an outstanding school year.  Our expectations are high and we are planning for a ‚Äč promising and exciting year under our acting principal, Ms. Jamel Jernigan.   

All incoming 9th grade students will be enrolled in and must pass the BCPS physical education one credit required course, Fitness Foundations/Fitness Mastery.  

Students entering 11th or 12th grade will take their ½ credit in Health Education upon completion of the FF/FM course.  Each student taking Fitness Foundations/Fitness Mastery is required to purchase the Phys. Ed. uniform.

The uniform costs $16 (S-4XL) and is available for purchase beginning August 30th, 2019.   Your child must wear the required Physical Ed. Uniform & athletic shoes during all physical education classes.

We expect all uniforms to be purchased and worn by Sept 16th 2019

Parents or students may purchase the uniform from the Physical Education Department Chair using cash or a money orderNo personal checks will be accepted.  You may also purchase uniforms and other items using the online school payments website found on the main page of our Website.

 Please contact your child’s physical education/health teacher immediately at 410-887-1309 or email, if you have any questions or concerns. 

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your summer!

If you have any questions, please let me know!

 Andrew Lutz

Physical Education Teacher

Woodlawn High School