Mr. Myers - Math Dept. Chair

Mr. MyersMr. Myers - Mathematics Department Chair



The constant repetition of the phrase “I can’t do math!” was all the inspiration I needed to pursue a teaching career in mathematics to hopefully one day change the norm to be “I can do math!”. I obtained my B.Sc. in Mathematics for Secondary Education from Grand Canyon University in 2013 and immediately began my teaching career at Woodlawn High School in Baltimore County Public Schools located in Baltimore, MD.


In summer 2014, I pursued my mission to change the norm to be “I can do math!” by obtaining a M.S. degree in Mathematics Education from Towson University, located in Towson, MD; where I worked as a graduate assistant teaching and designed onlinecourses in the mathematics department at Towson. I was the first graduate assistant at Towson University’s to develop online math content and pedagogy courses for elementary and secondary pre-service teachers in mathematics elementary and secondary education as well as designing and co-teaching various developmental and college level math courses.


As a result of earning my M.S. degree, I began teaching as an adjunct instructor at both The Community College of Baltimore County and Towson University where I teach various developmental, college level, and online math courses while still pursuing my full-time teaching career at Woodlawn High School. Within the last year a lot of good changes have occurred in my life. I currently serve as the Mathematics Department Chair at Woodlawn High School where I am able to collaborate and work with a dynamic team of math educators to improve the mathematics learning experience for students.


This is my 4th year as an educator and I absolutely love it! In addition to being the Math Department Chair at Woodlawn High School I am also working at Loyola University, Towson University, and The Community College of Baltimore County. At Towson University I primarily teach and design online technology and pedagogy courses to their graduate students in Mathematics Education (the program I graduated from). I usually also teach Math 119 Pre-Calculus or Math 115 Basic Mathematics for Sciences (online) as well at Towson University. At The Community College of Baltimore County, I am happy to report that I have now taught all of the courses in their math department and I have only been there a little more than a year. I teach primarily face-to-face courses at The Community College of Baltimore County. This leaves Loyola University, teaching here will be new for me this fall, but I am excited to dive in. I am planned to teach Calculus 1 to math and science majors. I recently just found out that Loyola does not currently offer any online math courses and I will begin assisting them in the design of their first online math course beginning in the spring. I am very familiar with Quality Matters as it relates to evaluating and designing online courses and plan to help Loyola pursue their very first Quality Matters experience. Now I am embarking on my Doctorate in Instructional Technology from Sam Houston State University. I cannot wait to see what new and exciting things I will learn. 


To be completely honest, I LOVE everything that I do. It is my passion and my hobby. I am often asked what do you do for fun, you’re so busy? I always respond my work! I do enjoy traveling to Florida where my grandparents live and usually see them along with the rest of my family around the holidays. I usually also visit Ocean City, MD a couple times a year. I am determined to utilize my experiences in this program to strengthen my knowledge of student engagement and assessment techniques in an online learning environment. I wish you all the best of luck in the course and I will be talking with everyone soon!



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