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Ms. Deshaies

English 12 Teacher

Woodlawn High School

(410) 887-1309



English 12

Course Syllabus (2016-2017)


General Description:    

            Students will explore a variety of perspectives using a variety of sources—models of academic and professional texts, non-fiction articles, short stories, essays, poetry, speeches, interviews, etc. Throughout the course, students will examine personal goals & skills, college and/or career options, the development and defense of claims, the use of data, structural choices, rhetorical appeals, and use of diction in a variety of texts. Students will also have the opportunity to evaluate others’ claims, as they work toward developing their own explanation of various topics. Each unit concludes with a PBA that asks students to use evidence from provided resources, as well as additional evidence from texts examined throughout the unit, to compose an original, academic piece of writing.



  1. Achieving Success: College & Career Readiness
  2. Evaluating Gender Roles in Society
  3. Personal Agency in the 21st Century
  4. The Argument of Genetic Engineering

Required Materials:    

The following materials are required in class every day.  A lack of materials wastes valuable class time and interferes with success:

•  2 ½  or 3 inch 3-ring view binder (for all courses)

•  1 Twin Pocket folder with fasteners (this will serve as your English Portfolio)

•  4 Color dividers (a minimum of one per unit)

•  2 black ink pens; 2 #2 pencils

•  1 red pen (for peer grading/editing)

•  Zipper pouch to store supplies

•  2 different colored highlighters (for annotating texts)

•  1 pack of filler paper (college ruled preferred)

•  1 USB flash drive (these can be purchased for under $8.00)



      Students are expected to demonstrate maturity, responsibility, and respect for themselves and others.  The work that they submit must be their own (cheating = zero & referral).

      Wearing hats/hoods, utilizing cell phones/headphones in class are not allowed (unless teacher-approved).  Repeated offenses will be regarded as defiance, and students are subject to teacher and/or administrative consequences.


Electronic Violations:


1st Offense – Verbal warning to turn off and put out of sight.

2nd Offense – Device is confiscated and phone call home

3rd Offense – Electronic device is confiscated and student receives detention. (Student is subject to Saturday School if offenses are repeated.)

4th Offense – Referral to administrator; required student-parent-teacher conference.

 Continued defiance will result in suspension, per BCPS Policy.


Attendance & Late work


-You are responsible for all material presented in class.  Although you have other courses and/or extracurricular activities, you are still responsible for completing and turning in assignments when they are due.

-You must have a legitimate note—from your parent, guardian, doctor, or school—in order to collect any missed assignments. Unexcused absences = zeros!

>    You will be given 1 day (for each excused absence) to submit missed assignments—for no penalty.  It is your responsibility to ask for missing assignments and/or to email your teacher regarding missing assignments.

>    Late work will only be accepted if direct communication is made with the teacher.  All assignments are due at the beginning of the class period (or immediately when asked for).  It is your responsibility to print essays or have assignments ready before the class period begins—otherwise it will be considered LATE.

  • After two weeks, late assignments will not be accepted or graded; will remain a "M" in the gradebook

- If you have a serious extenuating circumstance, please speak with me as soon as possible.  Waiting until the class period, when something is due, is not acceptable.

My Motto on Late Assignments:


“If it’s late, it better be worth my wait!”


i.e. Do not hand in late assignments, unless completed accurately and to the best of your ability. If an assignment is late (and it is sloppy or unfinished), do not hand it in.



Coach Class:

- Coach class typically will be held on Wednesdays from 2:15-3:15.*

- You must sign up for coach class in advance, so I know if you are staying (if I don’t know that you’re coming for help, I might not stay!)


*Days are subject to change from week to week, due to Ms. Deshaies’ graduate school obligations.



      Students are permitted to consume food or drinks in the classroom—as long as it is not interfering with their own or their peers’ learning. Students are expected to throw all trash away. Failure to follow these simple rules, students’ eating and drinking privileges can be revoked at any time, for any class.


Grading Policy: Quarter grades will be weighted by the following categories:


Classwork, Discussions, & Homework

Classwork and homework assignments are designed to help students to become proficient in content mastery (ultimately preparing them for college and a career).          

-Classroom Discussions (Classwork grade):

Students will be graded on mastery of Maryland’s Common Core State Standards for ELA.  Students earn points for their questions, participation, and reflection during classroom discussions. Students must be present and must actively initiate and participate in collaborative discussions (one-on-one, groups, teacher led) throughout this course.

The teacher will assist students on their path towards arriving at answers, but will not provide the answers for students.


Portfolio Check/Major Artifacts/PBAs (Assessment grades)

*Students will collect specified documents to be placed in a portfolio.  Portfolios will be assessed at least once per quarter. 

*All essays must be written in MLA format.

*There will be one PBA per quarter (total of 4 for the year).


Grading Scale:  Final grades will be assigned as follows:

100% - 90% = A                      89% - 80%  = B                 

79% - 70%  = C     
69% - 60%  = D         

Below 60% = E




Cut and return for a grade


I have read and understand the requirements for English 12.


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