Ms. Deighton - Eng 10 / 11 / SAT Prep

Welcome to Ms. Deighton's Class


Hi Class.  I am so excited to teach my 11th year at WHS.  I am full of Warrior Pride and excited to see success with the new initiatives set forth through BCPS.  I am currently halfway through my second Masters degree in Cultural Competency and Educational Equity, as I love learning and continuing my education to be a better teacher for you.

I have a passion for English - I love reading and analyzing literature and am happy to help you hone your analytical skills as we dive through the curriculum this year.

English 10 GT has an amazing curriculum that has novels with deep topics and allows you to experience different cultures and delve into universal experiences, such as morals and justice.

English 11 has a new curriculum this year and I am excited to see where it takes us as we explore the depth of American culture, from youth in America to Immigrants and Cultural differences in our country.

SAT Prep Verbal will teach you test-taking techniques as well as valuable knowledge that will allow you to feel comfortable when you walk into this important test.

Contact me on BCPS One if there is anything you need!

- Meg Deighton

Links for American Lit

The Crucible and McCarthyism

English 10 GT

Dante's Inferno