Ms. Louden - Comp. Sci. & Business

     Maryland and BCPS are changing the way we think about technical classes we offer in our high schools.  There is a push by industry giants (MS, Google, Facebook) to get high school students involved with computer science courses. We have aligned our courses with the new College Board Computer Science course(s).

    We want to move students from basic computer literacy (using technology) to thinking computationally/analytically to innovate and create new technologies that drive local and national economies, ultimately making a difference in global society.

     Parents and students, Computer Science  provides 21st century skills necessary for innovation and translate to high-paying, in-demand jobs. Computer Science also underlies most innavated careers today.  

     Woodlawn is taking steps to prepare our students for these vital 21st century skills.  I am excited to help students on their journey of exploration and self-discovery in this area of study.